Meet The Team

Our WBCA volunteers are individuals from across Wrexham, working in all kinds of businesses, of all kinds of sizes. From the largest to the smallest, the team is connected by a mutual desire to recognise and celebrate the very best of business in Wrexham. 

Meet the team of founding members, who have made this happen and find out why the WBCA is important to our founding members:

Ian Bancroft

Sian Bostock

Amy Chadwick

Sophie Davies

Spencer Harris

Clara Hughes

Samantha Jones

Alex Lovén

Vaughan Schofield

Craig Weeks

About Us

2023 marks the inaugural Wrexham Business and Community Awards (WBCA), established to recognise the wonderful work taking place every day within our business and local community.

There is so much to celebrate locally – whether it’s the largest multinational organisation that has chosen Wrexham as its base, or the start-up sole trader, breathing new life into our borough. It could be a community leader or charity worker, who are making a real difference to peoples’ everyday lives, or the schools and colleges that inspire and empower our workforce of the future to reach for the stars, dream and achieve.



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